Motion Graphics

We can use digital animation to liven up your logo, explain your business model, instruct your employees, and more.


Sometimes traditional video just isn’t enough to convey your message. That’s why many of our projects involve the use of digital animation, commonly referred to as motion graphics. Our motion graphics artists utilize their talents in a variety of ways, from bringing your company’s logo to life to rendering a fully-animated video to build brand awareness and reach new customers. Using animation is a great way to add a wow factor to your project and distinguish it from other videos.


Why use motion graphics?

Motion graphics are a great way to condense a large quantity of information into a concise and visually-engaging presentation. They also allow for more “outside the box” concepts since you’re not limited by what’s available to film.

How are motion graphics created?

Animators use one of two methods: they either design and build the animation from scratch (this is done for complex projects like explainer videos), or they begin with an existing flat image and animate it from there (this is done for simpler projects like animating a logo). We utilize Adobe After Effects on our animated projects.

What’s the process like for creating an animated video?

We begin by developing a script that conveys your message succinctly and effectively. Then we put together a multi-panel storyboard so you can get an idea of what the visual elements will look like and how the story will flow. Following that, we construct all the visual elements and then give them movement to create the final work product.

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